Maybe rice is a useful food too


Though neither a staple food nor a major crop in Europe, rice has an important sociocultural significance and ecological importance in several Mediterranean countries of Europe. Per capita annual consumption ranges from 3.5 to 5.5 kg of milled rice in nonrice-growing countries of northern Europe to 6–18 kg in southern Europe. The total rice-growing area within the 27 European Union (EU) member countries is about 450.000 ha, the average annual production about 3.1 million t of paddy rice, and average annual rice imports about 1.1 million t. EU self-sufficiency in rice is about 70%. Some 80% of EU rice production takes place in Italy and Spain, with a further 12% in Greece and Portugal. The remainder is in four other countries: France, Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary. Outside the EU, rice is also grown in the Russian Federation (120,000 ha in the Krasnodar region and 50,000 ha in the far east region of Vladivostok) as well as in Ukraine (25,000 ha).

This guy has to do all the rice on earth:

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